• Nina Thoene

Celebrating 125 Years of London Tower Bridge

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Role: Video Designer and Video Engineer

Projection mapping the inside of one of the Bascule Chambers at London Tower Bridge. The Bascule Chambers are set underwater, providing the space for the bridge to open and close.

This piece is celebrating and documenting the past 125 years of the bridge, for the 125th Anniversary.

Assets were gathered from the past 125 years of the bridge, from the drawing blueprints to the 2012 Olympics. A majority of the assets was given from the Tower Bridge archive.

I was part of a team of four Video Designers, each tasked with animating two - four sections of the show. My sections were - The Opening Riverboat, The History and The Present, WWII and the 2012 Olympics.

With the Engineer role, I helped with the installation system for the video hardware and with the programming and operating of Disguise.

Software used - Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere, Cinemas 4D, Disguise

Hardware used - 2x 12k Panasonic Projectors, 6x 5k Panasonic Projectors, 1x Disguise Media Server

Video Designers - Nina Thoene, Eleisha Brand, Nicholas Wong and Josh Garner.

Video Engineers - Nina Thoene and Ben Hagle.

Bascule Chamber, London Tower Bridge - 2019,Celebrating%20125%20at%20the%20heart%20of%20London,year%20marks%20its%20125th%20anniversary.

Photo Credit - Emily Davis

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