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Dust @ The Forum, Norwich Love Light Festival 2020

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Role: Lead Video Engineer

Projection mapped show onto the ceiling of The Forum, Norwich. The show was titled 'Dust' and was about the concept of 'Love'. The piece was held as a part of the first Norwich Love Light Festival.

I planned the projector positioning in the venue, created technical and cable plans, calculated projector throw and lenses, helped with installation, programming and mapping.

We used seven PC's, each PC ran Resolume Arena, five sending three outputs and two sending two outputs. There was one PC for each projection mapped sail, and two for the semi-circle. One Mac Pro was used to send out timecode to all 7 PC's, creating a smooth stream of looping video.

Software used - Resolume Arena, Cinema 4D, Mapping Matter

Hardware used - 18x 12k Panasonic Projectors, 7x Specced PC's each running Resolume Arena, 1x Apple Mac Pro

'Dust' at Norwich Love Light Festival, The Forum, Norwich - 2020

Photo Credit - Josh Garner

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